Feb 10, 2009

MSIA Team Studios & Workbenches - ThatsPretty

I love this space. It's so fresh and bright.
Very clever utilizing the magnetic spice containers on the wall!
Also, LOVE the framed necklace. Nice touch!

MSIA Team Studios & Workbenches - OneGarnetGirl

So, the first thing I would do is get into that enticing vintage tool box and see what goodies lay in there, then I would sneak to the back and play with the rolling mill (who can resist?).
Then I would peek through all the drawers in the back unit.
Aren't skinny drawers interesting?
Can one have enough of them???

MSIA Team Studios & Workbenches - Toosis

Toosis' cleanliness is making me very very embarrassed!
Must clean studio now.......
Look she's looking at us!

MSIA Team Studios & Workbenches - Incalesco

Have you ever wanted to snoop through an artist's studio? Well, I have! It's so much fun to see where the artists do their work, get their inspiration and spend their time. It's a great way to get organizational ideas too!
Check out some of the studios of our fellow teammates. Click on their studio pics and it will take you to some of their masterpieces so you can see what they make.

Welcome! Don't touch anything!